Effective project management is critical to the success of a project or a task. Employing project management helps organizations navigate project challenges, give project directions, ensure efficient use of resources and quality control.

Being a project manager, I can confirm just how critical the skills are to every organization. Staff with project management backgrounds exhibit outstanding leadership skills and are useful in all assigned tasks.

The good news is that there is a software that can enhance the outcome of your organization’s projects. Here are some of the best project management software.

1. TeamGantt

Organizations widely use this tool to create workflows. If you are yet to interact with it, it is only a matter of time before you come across it. The tool helps the project members and other parties see what they are working on and what has been achieved. 

The tool is compatible with all devices and has a combination of great features. It has multiple views, baselines, drag and drop, and tasks and subtasks, which help the users see what is being done in a glass.

You can get the free project management software for 30 days as proof of concept, after which you can pay depending on the number of users you have.

2. Smartsheet

Project collaboration is a critical ingredient for effective project management. Smartsheet is a great collaboration tool that will ensure that the project team is able to work on everything together. The software is cloud-based and has impressive features, including automated workflows and the ability to view predecessor tasks.

The software allows time-tracking, planning, reporting, and resource management.

3. Teamwork

As the name suggests, expect a lot of support on collaboration, which allows the project team to handle tasks they are working on. The software is available online and can be used on iOS and Android. Whether it is capturing milestones, designing projects, and assigning tasks, the software will support you with it. 

The software comes with features like collaboration, board view, workload, milestones, and time tracking. The features combined see to it that project plans are created, collaboration is supported, and milestones are also visible for project success.

The software also has a 30-day free trial that will give you the chance to assess if it meets all your project management needs.

4. Trello

If you are looking for software that will help you track your projects, then you are in the right place. Trello is your trusted partner in creating boards for different projects. You can also add different tasks within the boards and switch up as you like. 

The software is also easy to use, which goes a long way in saving time during project implementation.


There are tons of fantastic project management software. You have to look at which one aligns with your project planning strategy and fits within your budget. Some of the features are similar, while some vary depending on the nature of your projects. 

The four project management software solutions are among the best in the market and will give you all the support you need conveniently.