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Alexander Lubka is currently a Project Manager at Penang Benny Consulting LLC. The young and vibrant professional is a Certified Associate in Project Management from Connecticut, hoping to become one of the best in his industry.

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Alexander Lubka is currently a Project Manager at PenangBenny Consulting, LLC. The young and vibrant professional is a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) by the Project Management Institute and currently resides in New Haven, Connecticut. He has a strong sales and marketing background, which gives him a unique perspective between project and sales initiatives.

Alexander graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Picking communications as a field of study was deliberate. He knew he wanted to start his career in sales and marketing. Alexander understood a communications degree from a top Public university would set him up for success in the field of marketing and communications. With his degree and experience Alexander understands that communication is the most critical skill for success, both professionally and personally.

After graduating from the University of Connecticut in 2014, Alexander started his career as an Exhibit Marketing Consultant at Skyline Exhibits. The company is an international leader in the trade show marketing industry. Alexander interned at Skyline Exhibits for two years while studying at the University of Connecticut, and started working there full-time upon graduation. Alexander learned about sales, marketing, and relationship building from his mentor, clients, colleagues, and people he met at exhibitions and meetings. 

From Skyline Exhibits, he moved on to APP Technologies, LLC, based in Norwalk, CT, in March 2015, to become their Sales Consultant. In this role, Alexander ran the sales and marketing program for the small software company. Working in sales for a leading claims management software company exposed him to so much knowledge and expertise in B2B SaaS products as well as the claims and risk management industry. Alexander ran the entire sales process from prospecting, performing demos, closing contracts, implementations, and performing on-site training sessions. Working on software implementation projects with his team of software developers is where Alexander first started to develop his project management skills and where he realized he wanted to focus on a career in Project Management. For almost four years, he managed the sales and marketing program to close and implement contracts with companies ranging from third party administrators, private companies, municipalities, and other firms looking for claims management solutions.

Alexander Lubka left his position at APP Technologies, LLC to join his current employer PenangBenny Consulting LLC, in September 2018. He started as a Project Manager handling all sorts of significant projects. Alexander was assigned to the contract of a public utility company managing projects that used the utility company’s Geographical Information System (GIS) data for their Transmission business. Alexander regularly uses Jira, Confluence, Trello, and G-suite tools to complete project and generate project documentation. This position has given him the most significant challenge so far in project management as he’s saddled with the responsibility of leading teams across multiple disciplines to plan, strategize, implement, and execute several projects. Due to his hard work, commitment, and ability to achieve exceptional results, his company promoted him to the Compliance and Pandemic Officer position after only working with them for a year and a half. Alexander now manages both roles in project management and compliance related to COVID-19 procedures to make sure the company is in compliance with all state and federal guidelines.

Alexander is  an expert in sales and marketing, customer satisfaction and project management to ensure client satisfaction, and that projects are completed in a timely manner. He is also an expert in strategic planning, marketing strategy, and COVID-19 compliance.

Alexander’s primary role is project management, where he takes the responsibility to manage projects and ensure they become a success. He’s a champion for projects; with leadership skills and the ability to head his team and guide them until they achieve maximum success. Planning and organizing are two skills that make Alexander a compelling character and goal-getter for any assigned project. He has an unusual ability to put any idea into perspective by understanding what tasks need to be completed and who needs to accomplish them.

Alexander Lubka loves to learn and acquire new skills that help him improve in his project management career. He is currently enrolled in a Technical Project Management Bootcamp at Columbia University which he is scheduled to graduate from in August 2021. He has competence in enterprise software and strategic partnerships. He’s committed to developing these skills and teaching other people as he moves along. That’s why many people regard him as an expert in industry knowledge, as he utilizes his skills to execute his project management role effectively. Alexander Lubka is a member of the Project Management Institute. 

His ambition is to impact the next generation of project management professionals with the knowledge he has acquired over the years. That’s why he started posting articles on this website where people can learn about project management fundamentals to grow their business and career. Alexander loves singing because it gives him joy and happiness. He has been involved in community activities from an early age and has sung in the Yale Opera productions, Yale Camerata performances, is a long time member of the Hartford Chorale, and has sung in regional and national choirs with OAKE and ACDA. Playing these roles in the community is part of what inspired and empowered him to become a committed leader in project management. He passed the CAPM for project management in 2021.

Alexander Lubka

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